LENE E. WESTERÅS (1969) is a Sami and Norwegian Fine Art Photographer, visual artist and writer.

She writes children books, poetry and plays. She has also been Middle East correspondent and is still travelling the areas, now with workshops in Creative Writing in refugee camps, mainly in Lebanon. Her experience working with refugees are of considerable importance, comprehensive and she has worked in some of the more controversial areas of Lebanon. This work also contains work with different approach towards the refugee situation and is often reflected in her visual art and her writing.

She is situated in Tromsø, Norway. She also translates from English to Norwegian. She studied writing at the University of Tromsø and has a Bachelor from the same place. Westerås was Chairman of the board of THE HOUSE OF LITERATURE IN THE NORTH in Tromsø. She also where Chairman of the board at ORDKALOTTEN - TROMSØ INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE FESTIVAL for 3 years and also for The forum of the writers union in the northern part of Norway. She is writing book reviews in different magazines. She co-founded the periodical Literary Magazine Kuiper. She has worked as an editor in different publishing houses since 2007.

She is currently Chairman of the Board at the Sámi Artists´ Union/ Sámi Dáiddačehpiid Searvi.

Lene E. Westerås

I kromgul maling av sink fra Sibir malte du solsikkebildet. I strøkene la du inn drømmefangeren og drømmefangeren fanget farger fra krommet. Du malte solsikker på gammel kartong og i bladene brukte du lange strøk langs takkete hjerteblader. Du malte langs hjertetakker.